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Images of the Signing Ceremony with other enterprises



The whole view of the conference of Enterprise relationshop

In order to prepare for the “Job festival” occruing annually on the New School Year day and End of School year day when offereing certificates for the SPC graduates, SPC has organized a Conference of Enterprise relationship” to evaluate the implementing result of the past year, simultaneously orientate and plan for the coming years. 

Attending the conference are Mr Chau Van Duong – SPC Principal, Mr Duong Thanh Phet – Vice Principal, Ms Tran Thi Thuy Hang – Vice Principal and SPC Faculties Heads. Besides, there are Representatives from Enterprises in HCMC and other neighboring provinces. 

In the conference, all the Enterprise Representatives affirm that human resources are an important and decisive factor to existence and development of an enterprise. Therefore, the recruiting demands for professional and skillful laborers in this time are vital. Enterprise union also shows their expectation that this conference is not only the opportunity to exchange between enterprises with SPC but also an opportunity for them to find a potential human source for their demand now as well as in the coming years.  

Representative of Enterprises (Japanese IChiHiro Cooperation) said

Enterprise Union recommends SPC to expand some more training professions that enterprises and society are in need such as electronics, refrigeration, machines operations…At the same time, they also express their wish to support SPC students who have great effort and results during their studying time at school to offer them meaningful scholarships. Besides, some Coorperations such as E-Land, Ichihiro gave scholarships and committed to sponsor SPC students. Some other enterprises also express their wish to give scholarships, among which Kien Phuc (20 helpings of 1.000.000VND/helping and 10 presents for Spring), Thuan Duc Vaccination Pharmaceutical Company (3 scholarship helpings, 1.500.000VND/helping, So Mot Company (3 scholarship helpings, 1.000.000VND/helping), and some other enterprises suggest to give full scholarship for SPC students who have difficulties in life.

Ph.D Chau Van Duong – SPC Principal gave a speech of orienting target in the coming time.

In order to return the good will and deeds from the above enterprises, he showed his great pleasure to welcome all enterprises to SPC. He affirmed that training a professional, and stably skillful laboring resource is the highest target of SPC. Besides that, creating more opportunities for SPC students before and after graduating is also a vital duty that SPC cares about. SPC committed to train specializedly according to detailed orders from enterprises.

After discussing and uniting concepts on recruiting demands and abilities to train human resources on requests, SPC and the Enterprise Union has come to a final decision and signed “An Agreement on association of training and providing on enterprises’requests”. This is an important advance in the development the associtating relation between SPC and Enterprises. This relationship of provision-demand will create more work opportunities for SPC students during and after graduating.
Also in the conference, Mr Duong Thanh Phet – SPC Vice Principal appoved upon the organizing plan “Work Festival” that is coming soon. This plan is greatly welcomed and applauded by a majority of enterprises. SPC and The Enterprise Union has signed a commitment to associate to make “the Work Festival” become a Festival for all the Enterprises, SPC and the laborers.

Some images from the Conference
Signing associating with Ichihiro Signing association with Mai Gia Computering Company
Signing associating with Mesa Signing associating with Nhan Kiet – Laborer provision Company
Signing associating with Sang Trong Commercial and Services Ltd Company Signing associating with Kien Phuc Investing and Constructing Company
Signing associating with Dong Minh Ltd. Company Signing associating with So Mot Ltd.Company
Signing associating with Viet Networking 
Signing associating with Metro Hiep Phu
Signing associating with Thien Kho Ltd. Company Signing associating with Viettel Coorperation
Signing associating with ONAMBA Ltd. ompany Signing associating with Mien Dong Electricity Installing Company
Signing associating with the Young Businessman Company Signing associating with Thuan Duc Vaccination Phamarceutical Company
Signing associating with Ichihiro Company Signing associating with Thai Anh Commercial Manufacturing Ltd. Company
Signing associating with Honda Binh Minh Company
Signing associating with Dong A Bank
Signing associating with Vietnam Furukawa Automotive Parts Company Signing associating with Binh Duong Transportational Material Company