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The signing ceremony of association between SPC and IIG Vietnam


On Feb 23, 2014 in HCMC, the Signing ceremony of association MOU between IIG Vietnam and SPC relating to the output standard in terms of IT and Foreign Langanguas applied from 6th course..     

In the time of international integration nowadays, a high quality human resource is a very important matter and is worth huge investment from SPC as well as from the enterprise which uses the trained human resource from SPC. Besides providing professional knowledge, SPC has also invested on training foreign languages, IT, behavior and living skills for students…This full equipment of serving knowledge and skills is always an important target in the training career of SPC.

With an aim to become a high quality training center with highly qualified staff, training work closely relating to reality to meet the demand of the society and country development, SPC is step by step expanding its levels, improving the training quality for professiors and students according to international standard in terms of Foreign Languages and IT. Therefore, on Feb 23, 2014, IIG Vietnam – the only official and only representative of Certiport in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar has officially signed a contract of association with SPC to provide documents, training the staff and officers and organizing contests for international certificates for SPC students, in order to meet the standard output.

The Signing ceremony took place at 8am at the Hall of SPC with the presence of:

- Mr Pham Ngoc Thanh – Deputy Director of Ministry of Education and Training HCMC


- Mr Ngo Dinh Duc – General Director of L&A

From IIG Vietnam:

- Mrs Vu Thi Bich Ngoc – Director of IIG Vietnam

- Mrs Pham Thi Diem – Deputy Director of IIG Vietnam 

From SPC:

- Mr Chau Van Duong – Chairman of Management Board – Principal of SPC

- MA Tran Thi Thuy Hang – Member of Management Board – Vice Principal of SPC

- MA Pham Quang Dung – Vice Principal of SPC 

From Media & Press:

HCMC Broadcasting TV and Radio

- And with all the staff, officers of IIG and SPC. 


Leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training and leaders of SPC and IIG Vietnam

After Mr Chau Van Duong and Mrs Vu Thi Bich Ngoc – Director of IIG Vietnam have had their speeches to share about the international output targets of the Training programs of Foreign Languages and IT of SPC students, both have started to sign Associational contract in the witness of all the Distinguished Delegates, staff, officers and students of IIG and SPC. 

  Siging Association between the SPC and IIG


After the signing ceremony, the 2 partners have offerd flowers and presents to each other to remark this important milestone between the two.
To continue the ceremony, on behalf of the Ministry of Education&Training HCMC, Mr Pham Ngoc Thanh – Deputy Director of the Ministry has acknowledged and highly evaluated the stable progress of SPC during the past time in terms of scales as well as training quality. The Minister of Education&Training has praised SPC’s advance in assuring to implement the output for students and wished SPC to develop faster in terms of scales and quality standard to be worth a good quality training center in the South in particular and in the whole country in general.
According to this signing, SPC is the first volunteer in implementing international standard in terms of IT and Foreign languages output in the system of professional colleges, to speed up the training quality to be better to meet the demands of society and international integrational trend.
In order to create more opportunities for learners to study and pass the international output, SPC has associated with IIG Vietnam to organize reviews and international tests TOEIC and MOS at SPC; SPC will support students financially by sponsoring a part of testing fees for TOEIC and MOS tests.