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The Signing ceremony of strategic shareholders between SPC and Le&Associated on June 29, 2013


On the journey to reach the target, on June 29, 2013, L&A and SPC had signed an Agreement on Associating Strategic shareholders. The Siging Ceremony has taken place in the centre of Cu Chi Town with the presence of the local government and branches, Press and Media, College Representatives, L&A, partners, teachers, students and parents who care and so register for their children to SPC in this year.


Presented at the Ceremony are Leaders of the two Enterpriese:

+ L&A Representatives:

- Mrs Pham Thi My Le – Chairwoman of Management Board

- Mr Ngo Dinh Duc – Management Board Member- General Director

- Mr Tran Si Chuong – Vice Chairman of Management Board

- Mr Truong Chi Dung – Director of Research and Development

- Mr Nguyen Phuc Hieu – Management Board Member

- Mr Pham Xuan Tung – Management Board Member

- And with presence of all the L&A Leaders, Staff, Offiers

+ SPC Representatives:

- Ph.D Chau Van Duong – Chairman of Management Board – Principal

- Ph. D Tran Thi Thuy Hang – Management Board – Management Board Member -Vice Principal

- Mr Tran Van Trinh – Management Board Member

- Ph.D Duong Thanh Phet – Vice Principal

- Mr Tran Van Khoa – Head of Management and Administration

- Ph.D Nguyen Phuong Tung- Head of Nursing and Midwifery Faculty

- Specialist 2 Dang Van Hoi – Head of Physics Department

- Ms Ngo Thi Yen - Head of Pharmacology Department

- And with all the presence of Faculty Heads, Staff, Parents and over 200 students of SPC

+ Distinguished guests c

-Mr Tran Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of Human Resource Forecasting Center of Labor and Social Welfare Service, HCMC and Distinguished guests from Enterprises who have close relationship with SPC and L&A and Press.


With the agreed and signed content notified clearly based on concept of strategic shareholders, the two partners will support each other; in which SPC will be a training and supplying spot of human resources for L&A, and vice versa, L&A will provide SPC with reality programs and documents according to requirements from recruiters, based on that, the two partners will associate to train and supply domestic as well as international skillful laborers to export to other countries in Asia, Europe and America…

L&A is a leading provider of Human resource resolutions with strategic solutions of Consulting and Enterprise human Capital, Training and Developing Talents, Consulting for recruiting Managers and Renting Human with over 6.000 employees with the 2012 turnover of 325billion VND. With the signed agreement as above, L&A officially becomes a strategic shareholder taking  over 35% the SPC share capital, in order to complete the aim of training and providing the high quality human labor resource for both domestic and international markets.

At the Signing ceremony opening, Mr T

Chau Van Duong supposed that

“An educational brand name has its only one measurement to evaluate - it’s the output quality of the graduates. In order to meet demands as well as requirements from enterprises nowadays and resolve the training quality “puzzle”, SPC not only must follow strictly regulations of the training programs, but also improve skills of learners to meet what enterprises need.   


The strategies of SPC in 2012- 2017 is to concentrate to develop the structure of training professions, to combine finely with human resource requirements from both domestic and international enterprises to create more part-time job opportunities for students right from when learners register to SPC as well as to create more stable full time job opportunities after graduating. 

Therefore, this signing will open a heading for developing a more practical, more professional and higher quality training programs assuring a good output for students of SPC. This also means that SPC students will have more opportunities created by SPC itself and L&A. 

We together commit to carry out our oriented strategies to promote the value chains of human resource after training, creating confidence in the training quality and creating more job opportunities for learners, closely combining with domestic as well as international recruiters.

 Giving a speech at the Signing ceremony, Mr Ngo Dinh Đuc- General Director of L&A said:


“L&A and SPC are both reputable organizations major in education and provision of high quality human resource. Annually, SPC have trained thousands of graduates, while L&A has demands for recruiting thousands of laborers to provide for enterprises. With an aim to become a strategic sharehold of SPC this year, L&A will be more active in providing a stable and skillful laboring source  as ordered from enterprises, to overcome the crisis of lacking laborers but superfluous “masters” in Vietnam these days. This is also an advance for both to complete the enterprise value chain and actively meet better the human resource for society and economy. Besides expanding the business activities, this coorperation also helps reduce waste for students’families, improve labor quality and values for enterprises. 

On the contrary, this association with L&A will help SPC enhance its professional managing ability, improve professional training quality by supplementing into training programs “doing business reality” experiences from enterprises, pushing more opportunities to associate with large partners in the world; based on that, SPC training programs will be made more complete to assure high quality outcome which is appropriate and can meet the demands of enterprises, especially for L&A and in other developed countries”.

After the signing ceremony, L&A Representative, Mr Tran Si Chuong – Vice Chairman of Management Board –cum Chairman of Transinvest Fund has had a talk about vocational orientation as well as opportunities for SPC students after graduating.

Mr Tran Si Chuong is an expert of managing consulting and investing with more than 20 year experiences working in Asian countries. From 1995- 2005, he was a Managing Director of USA Consulting company James Riedel Associates, in charge of consulting services of micro economy for World Bank, USAID (USA), International Associating Bank of Japan,…and simultaneously providing services of consulting and investing in Vietnam, reconstruct structures of investing projests, creating partnershops for multinational companies who are investing and going to invest in Vietnam. 


Also in this talk, SPC students have listened carefully and excitedly to the speeches and bravely posed questions directly to L&A Leaders. 

Followed are some photos of the Signing Ceremony between SPC and L&A