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Hilarious celebration of New school year opening 2014 – 2015, Schoolyear end and Graduating Diplomas delivering to regualar students of 2012 -2014

On Nov 22, 2014, following the hilarious atmosphere greeting Vietnamse Teachers’Day, SPC has solemnly celebrated the New School Year Opening 2014 – 2015, the Schoolyear end and delivering Graduate Diplomas to regular students of 2012 – 2014 course. 

Attending the celebration, SPC honorably welcomed:

+ Ph.D Ha Huu Phuc, Department Head, Director of Educational and Training Representing Ministry, HCMC;:

Ph.D Ha Huu Phuc, Department Head, Director of Educational and Training Representing Ministry, HCMC;

- Mr Dinh Nhat Linh, Deputy Head of Investigating Department, Educational and Training Representing Office in HCMC

+ HCMC Educational and Training Bureau:

-  Ph.D Luu Duc Tien, Deputy Head of Professional Educational Office and of Educational and Training Bureau HCMC.

+ Union Organization HCMC:

- Mr Nguyen Tri Quang – Director of Vocational and Career Orientation and Job introducting Youth Center.

+ The local government:

- Mrs Trang Thị Nhung – Principal of Cu Chi Educational and Nourishing School.

+ Partnering Organizations:

- Commander Khuong Van Phu – Head of Antiaircraft battalion 16.

Partnering Colleges/Enterprises…

- MA Le Van Don – Vice Principal of Vinh University;

- Mr Lam Van Bach – Principal of Vinh University;

- MA Nguyen Van Nguyen – Head of Human resource developing Institute – Tra Vinh University;

- MA Huynh Van Muoi Mot – Head of Management Department – Tra Vinh University;

- Mrs Pham Thi My Le – Chairwoman of Management Board Lee& Associations Company (L&A)

- Mr Nguyen Thanh Binh – Member of Central Committee  Nursing Organization – General Secretary of Medical Organization HCMC, High level Nursing Human Resource Manager of Tam Tri Medical Corporation;

- Mr HORIGUCHI – General Director of ICHIHIRO Corporation Vietnam;

- Mr Pham Ba Tuong – Deputy Director of ICHIHIRO Corporation Vietnam;

- Mr Truong Vu Long – General Director of EGO Interior Designing Company;

- Mr Nguyen Van Tri – Expert of Project Development Cau Van Company;

- Mrs Nguyen Thi Phuong – Human Resource Head of BV Pharma Company;

- Mr Nguyen Thanh Tuan – Vice Director of Nam Phuong Travel Company;

- Mrs Nguyen Thi My Tien – Vice Director of Cu Chi ACB Bank

+ From SPC:

- Ph. D Chau Van Duong – Management Board Chairman, SPC Principal;

- MA Pham Quang Dung – Vice Principal of SPC;

- MA Trần Thị Thúy Hằng – Management Board Member – Vice Principal of SPC;

- Mr Tran Van Khoa – Head of Administration Office of SPC;

- Doctor Dang Van Hoi – Head of Physicians Department

- MA Doctor Luu Ba Phuoc – Deputy Head of Physicians Department

- MA Nguyen Phuong Tung – Head of Nursing and Wifery Department

- Pharmacist Quach Xuan Phong – Authorised Head of Pharmacists Department

- MA Luu Chi Danh – Head of Economics Department

- MA Tran Thanh Phuoc – Head of Technics Department

- MA Tran Thi Thu – Head of Kindergarten Teaching Department

- And all members from public media: Press, News Broadcasting, Staff and Professors, Parents and new students of Course 7 and students of Course 5 attending Graduating Celebration at SPC.

New school year Opening Celebration 2013 – 2014, End of year Celebration and Graduating Diploma Offering Celebration 2012 – 2014

For the school year 2014 – 2015, SPC has welcomed over 1,600 new students who have just passed the Entrance Exam and registered for the Regular Professional Intermediate system. These new students will study at the 2 branch schools at 83A Bui Thi He, Block 1, Cu Chi Town, and at 1A Nguyen Van Luong, Go Vap distric. This great number of new students registering in this year has proved trust and confidence of parents and students nationwide in their choice of high quality and good training school whose human resource is trustably chosen and used by enterprises, as well as highly evaluated by Managing Board.


Musical performance to greet the New school year and Year end Celebration

In such the hilarious and cozy atmosphere, Mr Chau Van Duong – Ph.D and Chairman of the Management Board – Principal of SPC has delightedly informed about the achievements gained by SPC during the past year. 

Mr Chau Van Duong was giving speech in the Opening Celebration and declared the New school year

In his speech, Mr Chau Van Duong has highlighed the targets of SPC in the coming years: 2014 – 2015 is when SPC continues to carry out educational developing mission and to deploy seriously Decree No 29 – NQ/TW issued on Nov 04, 2013 by the Party Central Committtee (Course XI) on the content “To change basically an wholy education and training, to meet the industrializational and modernizational demands in market economics and socialist orientation to integrate internationally”. SPC will be continuing to carry out well the target of improving traninng quality to provide high quality human laboring force for society as well as ASEAN market who will be opened in 2015. Apart from that, SPC will be continuing to invest on material facilities, teaching staff, improving training programs, raising efficiency in managing work, programs and teaching methods, checking and evaluating closely studying results of students, boosting technical and scientific research work, expanding international association in educational and training, nourishing quality of staff and professiors, those who are doing managing work. 

Mr Chau Van Duong affirmed: The school year 2014 – 2015 will be the year of new progress in educational and training activities of SPC. Apart from getting ready for preparation of upgrading SPC into Saigon Polytechnic Junior College, SPC will be continuing upgrade students’output quality according to target: besides knowledge standards in career, attitude, skills, some other standard skills such as: team work skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, especially communication skills in English must be attained according to the standard frames of Europe, TOEIC and IT MOS, IC3.  


Ph.D Luu  Duc Tien  – Deputy Head of Professional Education and Trainng  – Educational and Trainning Ministry of HCMC in his speech

Mr Luu Duc Tien in his speech has sent his congratulations to SPC in the New school year celebration 2014 – 2015. He, on behalf of the Leadersf rom Ministries, has acknowledged and praised SPC’s achievements during the past years, which have affirmed roles and important missions of SPC in their training and supplying high quality human laboring source for society. That proves trust and confidence of enterprises who are ordering human laboring source from SPC and provide pick up service for part time students as well as taking SPC graduates into their companies. The great number of students registering in 2014 – 2015 also proves reputation and high training quality and known by a lot of parents and students, who have complete confidence in SPC.

For the unit directly managing SPC, we are very pleased with the achievements by SPC during the past time and wish that SPC will continue to bring into play more achievements as well as put forward higher targets to reach more development and soon to become a junior college, in order to meet higher quality laboring source for markets to compete better in the coming integrating time. 

“TMr Ha Huu Phuc – Ph.D, Head cum Director of Representating office of Educational and Training Ministry in HCMC, offered Diploma of Credit to Mr Chau Van Duong – Chairman – Principal of SPC

Also in this New School year celebration, Mr Chau Van Duong has been honorably offered Diploma of Credit for their excellent achievemnets in educational and training activities in 2014 – 2015. On behalf of Educational and Training Ministry, Mr Ha Huu Phuc has offered Diploma of Credit to Mr Chau Van Duong.

Mr Ha Huu Phuc is giving his speech at the Celebration

On this ocassion, Mr Ha Huu Phuc has shown his acknowledgement and affirmation of important contributions of SPC to educational and training activities as well as supplies of high quality human laboring sources for society during the past time, especially in the Southern region. He also shared that SPC is one of few professional intermediate school who plays an important role in the system of the Southern region, a school that not any others in the system can beat in their training for enterprises. He suggested SPC expand their models and achievements for public media to notify through which to create a motive to exchange experiences among professional intermediate schools, colleges and universities in the region as the guideline of Ministry of Educational and Training in training target combining with enterprises.  With an orientation to upgrade SPC to Saigon Polytechnial Junior College based on such success of training model will be an advantage for further consideration of many government managing levels in the coming time.

He had a confidence that besides firm solidarity and high determination of SPC and approval and assistance from many government managing levels, SPC will continue to bring into play human resource and material facilities for further and more achievements in training and scientific research and technical transfer, providing high quality human laboring source for society in order to contribute positively to achievements of Educational and Training Ministry of HCMC in particular and in Vietnam in general. 


Mr HORIGHCHI – General Director of ICHIHIRO company in Vietnam giving his speech


Mrs My Le – Chairwoman of Lee & Associations, a strategic partner in underwriting graduate output in her speech

On behalf of Corporations and Partner companies, Mr HORIGUCHI - the General Director ICHIHIRO Vietnam expressed his congratulations to SPC on this ocassion. He has thanked SPC for providing companies with a human laboring source of high efficiency and productivity. He affirmed that his corporations would receive more students to work part time as well as full time in the coming time. He also offered 10.000.000 VND to SPC’s scholarship fund for students who have given their great effort in overcoming their difficulties in life. 

 “Mr Nguyen Thanh Binh – Member of Central Committee Nursing Organization – General Secretary of HCM Medical Organization, High ranking Manager of Nursing Human Resource Department Tam Tri Medical Organization"

Attending the celebration at SPC, Mrs My Le – Management Board Chairwoman of Lee & Associations (L&A), a strategic partner of SPC, has delightedly shared her delight with the achievements during the past time. She highly evaluated activities to boost training career and soft skills for students to create a human laboring source who will be able to adapt well with reality work after graduating. L&A will continue to receive well trained labouring source from SPC, continue to sign training contracts ordered by enterprises to support them in finding high quality laboring source and together with SPC to create better output for SPC graduates.

Organizations, companies, enterprises offering scholarships for students who overcome their difficult situations

On this occasion, SPC Students’ Scholarship Fund has offered over 60 scholarships to students who achieve good studying results and success during the year. This is a traditional scholarship fund annually offering scholarship donated from organizations, companies, enterprises and SPC’s partners

On the New school year opening celebration on Nov 22, SPC also solemnly held Year end Celebration and offered Professional College Graduate Diplomas 2012- 2014 course to students of Course V. 

In the formal speech, Mr Chau Van Duong, on behalf of SPC Management Board has intimately shared and encouraged new Graduates and expressed his sincere thanks to teachers, professiors, staff and parents who have supported and accompanied SPC during a long time to bring up students with their good results. Simultaneoulsy, he also expressed his expectation for all Graduates of Course V to continue to remain and prove good traditions of SPC, to keep learning by themselves, to be fearless and creative applying what they have been taught at schoold to their reality work, to be modest and proactive in learning more from their colleagues and seniors to enrich their knowledge, to shorten the gap between school knowledge and reality one. He wished everyone good health, self confidence, determination in their career, brighter dignity and growth in all aspects of their life.

SPC and Enterprises offering scholarships for 42 students with excellent studying results

Acknowledging achievements made by students of Course V during the course, SPC Management Board have decided to offer 42 awards to 42 students with excellent studying results, 20 awards to 20 monitors who have made good results in studying and school activities in the school year 2013 – 2014.


Mr Chau Van Duong – Ph.D, Principal of SPC delivering Graduate Diplomas to Students of Course V 

Students of Course V receiving their Graduate Diploma with full of delight

The Schoolyear End Celebration ended in solemn and emotional atmosphere of Course V Graduates, whose images of tossing their graduation caps would always remain in mind of every attendee. These are the most memorable moments in all Course V students’life. Congratulate all of you and wish you all firm steps and huge success in life, to deserve good students of SPC.

Students tossing their graduation caps in the 2012 – 2014 schoolyear End Celebration



Happiness of Graduates in the Graduating Celebration"

Solemn scenes of the Hall in the Celebration

Students taking photos and saving their memories in the school yard of SPC

Student Hoang Cong Bang – a General Physician of Course V with his excellent studying result is chosen to be a Staff member of SPC

Student Duong Thi Kim Thoai – a good student of 2013 Nursing Competition held by HCMCYouth Union and offered Tran Van On award by Central Union in  2014

Memorable moments full of happiness and pride of the Graduates