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Welcoming a delegation from Tu Nghia High School No. 1 - Quang Ngai Province to SPC

In the afternoon of July 24th 2014, SPC’s Principal - Dr. Chau Van Duong – and School Board had a meeting with the delegation of Tu Nghia High School No. 1 - Quang Ngai of which Mr Truong Quang Dung, M.A - the principal - was the leader coming to visit Ho Chi Minh City and south eastern provinces.


Mr. Truong Quang Dung, M.A and other delegates from Tu Nghia High School No. 1



There was also the presence of Mr Jiang - the Representative of the IPC Academy (New Zealand), Mr. Pham Quang Dung, and Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Hang – the two Vice Principals of SPC.



At the reception, Dr. Chau Van Duong expressed his joyfulness and welcomed the delegation coming to visit SPC. He also shared that  although there has been several high school delegations coming to visit SPC in recent years, it was most exciting to welcome a delegation from very far away like Tu Nghia High School No. 1. Particularly, it was the school Dr. Chau Van Duong used to study 20 years ago, and has been also the place from which his goals of devoting and developing his education and training career derived.

At the meeting, Dr. Chau Van Duong has sent greetings, best wishes to the delegation and his gratefulness to Tu Nghia High School No. 1. He was also delighted to emphasize the presence of Mr Jiang, the representative of IPC Academy (New Zealand) which was a school’s partner


Panorama of the meeting


After that, Dr. Chau Van Duong on behalf of SPC’s School Board expressed the overview, mission and objectives of the school to the delegation. He also informed some great achievements SPC has been made in recent years.

 Dr. Chau Van Duong was expressing SPC’s overview 


 Delegates were viewing the introduction folder  SPC  

 On this occasion, Mr. Do Hoang Giang – a specialist of IPC Academy shared with the delegation some information about international education environment in New Zealand. On the basis of being a partner of SPC, IPC Academy also had a policy to encourage pupils of Tu Nghia High School No. 1 to learn more during the school year 2014-2015 and the subsequent years. Therefore, Mr. Do Hoang Giang had arrange a schedule to visit Tu Nghia High School No. 1 on August 13th to meet all teachers and grade 12 students, and inform them about advanced education environment in New Zealand. IPC Academy hoped the trip to Tu Nghia High School No. 1 in mid-August would create appropriate policies to help excellent students access to international education in well developed New Zealand more easily.


Mr Do Hoang Giang – Chuyên viên Học viên IPC (New Zealand)



Mr. Truong Quang Dung was listening to IPC Academy’s representative


On the side of Tu Nghia High School Number 1, Mr. Truong Quang Dung, M.A – the Principal was excited to announce great education and training achievements that the school has achieved in the year, and that the school was also eager to welcome the 40th foundation anniversary in 2014. This trip was aiming at gathering generations of school graduated students who have been living and working in Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh City. Furthermore, the delegation also wanted to visit a couple of high quality institutions, universities, colleges, and vocational schools to get factual basis in order to increase the effectiveness of counseling career options for students in the future. On the other hand, the delegation was glad to have representatives of the IPC Academy (New Zealand) to participate in the meeting and exchange important information on international learning environment in New Zealand. The delegation looked forward to welcoming students of IPC and SPC this mid-August.



Mr. Truong Quang Dung was giving a speech 


Mr. Truong Quang Dung and his teachers were deeply impressed by a spacious decent SPC and gave a lot of praise. To get visually closer to SPC, the delegation was with SPC school board making a campus tour, visiting well-equipped lab rooms and classrooms with hi-tech facilities to better serve students’ learning process.



The delegation was visiting well-equipped lab rooms



Dr. Chau Van Duong was introducing Mr. Truong Quang Dung a toxins vacuum 2 hands after an experiment



Medical staff was introducing the delegation a laboratory 



Visiting a practice class of nursing 



Visiting a Midwifery practice room 



Medical staff was introducing specific Midwifery models 



Infant model 



 The delegates were observing medical models 



Visiting pharmacological - pharmaceutical room 



Visiting patients models in the laboratory



Visiting a classroom


After visiting SPC, Mr. Truong Quang Dung and the delegation of Tu Nghia High School No.1 confirmed that this is a high quality school among vocational system with modern facilities, advanced training programs that meet the learners’ needs well. On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Truong Quang Dung thanked SPC’s Leaders for their warm welcome and maximum support during the visit. In addition, Mr. Truong Quang Dung also expressed his intention to invite SPC’s leaders to visit Tu Nghia High School No. 1 in the earliest time and assist in counseling enrollment and oversea-study programs which SPC has been cooperating with its international partners.



The delegation was taking photos with SPC’s leaders and students at the end of the tour