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1st Opening Ceremony of 2014-2015 academic school year

On June 29th 2014, SPC held a solemn opening ceremony of new 2014-2015 academic year for 1st phase of 2014 intake newcomers from the two branches at 83A Bui Thi He, Cu Chi Town, and 1A Nguyen Van Luong, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.          

Attending the ceremony, there were Dr. Chau Van Duong - the Principal of the school, leaders of Divisions, Departments, teachers, school staff and especially the presence of over 100 parents and 251 new students.


School Leaders and Heads of Divisions, Departments at the Ceremony

Before the ceremony, the school’s ensemble has performed awesome music shows and celebrated interesting group games to welcome newcomers.

Cone dance performance of the school’s ensemble

At the ceremony, Dr. Chau Van Duong – the Principal - has greeted new parents and students to have enrolled in 1st phase of 2014 intake. Then he informed parents and students the school’s perspectives of training of which the aim of creating high quality human resources meeting recruiters’ needs is the key. Moreover, he pointed out the major orientations of 2014-2015 academic school year and the school’s subsequent strategies of development. He also informed the reality of contemporary students and their consideration about work and adaptability to meet society’s needs after graduation. Because "Quality" is the top concern of the school in the training process, SPC is focusing on building standard training programs, along with enhancing soft skills, TOEIC, Computer skills much more, so that high quality human resources will be well-trained to supply ordered employers and companies.

Dr. Chau Van Duong was giving a speech at ceremony in Campus No.1

Dr. Chau Van Duong was giving a speech at ceremony in Campus No.1

Next, Mr. Nguyen Phuong Tung – the Head of Nursing on behalf of all teachers exchanged with parents and students about the learning environment at SPC, effective learning methods, and commitment to push students to become high quality workforce.


Then, Ms. Le Thi Tam - Head of Education and Training Division - informed the training regulations for students to understand and follow while learning at school. Finally, Mr. Phan Quoc Toan – the Secretary of the Union, Head of Students Affairs - exchanged information on Rules and Regulations of school; as well as activities and movements of the Union for students to comprehend and perform well in the learning process.

Students and parents were attentively listening to the school regulations 

At the end of the ceremony, school authorities apportioned students into classes and informed them school schedule.

According to the prescription of the Ministry of Education and Training, there will be 5 annual intakes at SPC. Therefore, there will be also 5 opening ceremonies among which the main biggest one will be held in November for all newcomers. This will be also a feast for all school staff, teachers, students and parents to gather and socialize with each other.

SOME PICTURES of the ceremony

School leaders attending the ceremony at Campus No.2

Parents and students attending the ceremony at Campus No.2

Leaders and teachers were taking photos at Campus No.2


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SPC has developed a lot of programs to exchange foreign practising students, subjects and teaching programs in English. Efforts to associate with international organizations of SPC are shared by a lot of departments and faculties such as  International and Enterprise Associating Rooms, Training and Students’work Room, School Union…