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SPC boosts cooperation of training English with English Teaching College (ETC) (New Zealand)

On Sep 23, 2014, the Management Board of SPC led by Ph.D Chau Van Duong  paid a visit and work at English Teaching College (ETC) as invited by Mr John Bruden (the Principal of ETC).  During their visit here, the Management  Board of SPC and ETC continued their discussion and made agreements on the contents that they had done before in Vietnam during Mr John Bruden’s visit to SPC at the beginning of 2014.   At the meeting, the 2 partners have agreed on association of exchanging training programs, training English teachers and expand the “Study tour” program for SPC students. Thanks to that agreement, SPC will make their contributions to boost the quality of training English for students, to meet the international standards and outputs for SPC students. 


Mr John Bruden (ETC Principal) is showing Mr Chau Van Duong and the delegated to visit ETC 

 Mr John Bruden is introducing to SPC Management Board the teaching methods at ETC 

On a speech to farewell to ETC, Mr Chau Van Duong, on behalf of SPC Management Board, has expressed his thanks to the Management Board as well as all the staff of ETC for their warm and hospitable welcome. He also wishes to promote further the association between the 2 schools in order to continue to improve the quality of English training at ETC as well as at SPC. Mr John Bruden also expressed his thanks and wishes for a better association between the 2 schools and hope to have an opportunity to come back and visit SPC in the soonest time. On this ocassion, he wished the SPC delegates a good time and trip in New Zealand. 


Mr John Bruden took photos with Ms Tran Thi Thuy Hang and Mr Pham Quang Dung

Mr Chau Van Duong took photos with Mr John Bruden



SPC has a networking with over 100 partners who are schools, organizations and enterprises all over the world.

SPC has developed a lot of programs to exchange foreign practising students, subjects and teaching programs in English. Efforts to associate with international organizations of SPC are shared by a lot of departments and faculties such as  International and Enterprise Associating Rooms, Training and Students’work Room, School Union…