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SPC Management Board visited and inspected the High school Model at Freyberg (New Zealand)

During the trip to New  Zealand, SPC Management Board has paid a visit and work at Freyberg High School  as invited by Mrs Wendy Jochem – the Principal. Welcoming SPC Delegates were Mrs Wendy Jochem – the Principal, Mr Peter Thompson (Head of the Exterior Communiating Faculty).

SPC Management Board were shown around Freyberg High schoold to inspect some infrastructural facilities, studying equipment and practising area at Freyberg.

Mr Chau Van Duong visited the Practising area of Freyberg 

After the visit, SPC Management Board had a meeting with the Leaders of Freyberg to exchange and discuss about the teaching methods for High school level at Freyberg and SPC. 


Meeting of SPC Management Board and Leaders of Freyberg

Mrs Wendy, who has visited SPC during her business trip to Vietnam before, was very happy to greet SPC Management Board to New Zealand. She has highly evaluated the technological educational  equipment  as well as the teaching methods at SPC.She hoped that with the support of SPC, Freyberg High school would have more relationships to exchange and share training experiences with many other high quality  high schools in Vietnam. Mr Chau Van Duong also expressed his sincere thanks to the Leaders of Freyberg for their invitation. He also hoped to greet Mrs Wendy Jochem as well as the Leaders of Freyberg to come to Vietnam and visit SPC.

SPC Management Board taking photos at the Musical Practising room of Freyberg


SPC Management Board taking phohos with the Leaders of Freyberg

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