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SPC Management Board visited and worked at UCOL (New Zealand)

During the business trip to New Zealand on Sep 24, Mr Chau Van Duong led the SPC Management Board came to visit and work at UCOL (New Zealand). They were warmly welcomed by Mr Bruce Osborne (Director of Interantional Relation) and Mrs Julia Pedley (Head of Internaional Relation Faculty) and Major Departments of UCOL. Mr Bruce Osborne had shown the SPC Delegates to around the school, classroom system and practising area. Mr Chau Van Duong has highly appreciated the infrastructure facilitites as well as training activities at UCOL. He hopes that the associating relationship between the 2 schools will be closer in the coming time.

Mr Chau Van Duong visited the Practising area for Interior decoration

The practising area for making and installing cars

Right after that, SPC Management Board has had a meeting with Mr Bruce Osborne, Mrs Julia Pedley and Faculty Heads of UCOL in order to discuss about the associating contents between the 2 schools. Based on that, UCOL will recognize SPC training programs to promote international connecting training association. Apart from that, the 2 partners have exchanged information and training programs about IT, Construction, Electricity and Nursing. 

 Mr Chau Van Duong is working with UCOL about the associating programs


The agreement on discussed contents as above will be a firm base for UCOL and SPC to go on to unite and agree on more contents and officially sign international training association of the 2 schools. 

The visit and work at UCOL has also officially closed the business trip of SPC Management Board to the beautiful countries Australia and New Zealand. The trip has left good impression of SPC on its international partners. The achievements during this trip will be a motivation and target for SPC to develop farther, to really become an ideal studying environment and a place to nourish career dreams in each student’s future. 



SPC has a networking with over 100 partners who are schools, organizations and enterprises all over the world.

SPC has developed a lot of programs to exchange foreign practising students, subjects and teaching programs in English. Efforts to associate with international organizations of SPC are shared by a lot of departments and faculties such as  International and Enterprise Associating Rooms, Training and Students’work Room, School Union…