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SPC have associated with Tra Vinh University to carry out college level training, University connecting level, and work-study level. Simultaneously, Tra Vinh University has chosen SPC to set up their remote training station including:   1. Branches connecting from vocational college to college:           - Kindergarten education           - Informatic Technology           - Nursing           - Phamaceutics   2. Branches connecting from college to university:           - Kindergarten education           - Laws           - Accounting           - Informatic Technology   3. University level Work-study system:           - Office management           - Informatic Technology           - Accounting           - Business management   4. “Remote” university:           - Laws           - Accounting           - Kindergarten education           - Informatic Technology   Notice: The branches that are allowed to connect to Law University include: Laws, Legislation, Government Administration, Security, Office Secretariat, Police, Archiving, Social ..

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Why should you choose Saigon Polytechnic College?

  1. Young but trustable:             Established in 2008, Saigon Polytechnic College is just a young one. However, during only in 7 years, we have built our own brand name and reputation in the Nationally educational system in terms of educational quality, breakthroughs in international association with enterprises and international cooperation in training and providing skillful human resource to cater for social demands   2. Professional teaching staff:             For the time being, the regular teaching staff is consisted of 71 members, in which 9 are Masters, 8 are Doctors of Specialty II, I ..