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Website Designing and Managing

This program is to provide learners with practising knowledge and skills about designing and managing websites, and simultaneously educating learners to have a good working attitude, proper morality, professional ..

Polyclinic Nursing

After finishing the course, a Polyclinic Nurse, will be well qualified and highly responsible for patients’ health and life; will be healthy enough to work and nonstop learning. Will ..

Computer Network Administrator

Students of Computer Network Administrator from Professional Vocational College will be able to work at offices, specified units or Administrative companies and services offices of computer web constituents. Being ..

Intermediate level Pharmacology

After finishing the course, a pharmacist will be well qualified with practising skilks, proper morality, professional conscience, regulatory organizing attitude, and highly responsible for patients’ health  and life; will ..

Enterprising Accounting

- In theory: Mastering knowledge on economic, finanacial, monetary and crediting laws. Being able to apply what they have learned and trained at SPC to reality, being able to ..


Professional College framing programs for Midwifery belonging to Health Scientific Department are shared for all colleges and training campuses major in Midwifery. After finishing the course, learners are certified ..

Tour Guiding

Being able to communicate in English in usual communicative way and in demands of work. Being able to take over the role of a domestical tour guide, Being able ..

Polyclinic Physician

Professional College framing programs for Polyclinic Physician are built and issued based on programs for Physicians of Ministry of Education and Training promulgated according to the Circular 19/2010/TT-BGDĐT on ..


Marketing in challenging reality of globally integrational business environment is based on a systematic approach of Marketing process and deploying Marketing activities during all the activities of the Organization. ..


Enrollment is a specified column to provide overall information promptly and precisely about enrolling work of SPC through the years, about reference examination information and the latest news of enrollment from Ministry of Education and Training. At this column, you can most promptly, precisely, abundantly and effecitvely search for information about Results for Entrance Examinations to Professional Colleges, Universities or  Colleges (Connecting with University system, Work-Study system and Remote one) and other kinds of reference information such as Input scholarships, vocational guidance and consultancy information…

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