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Accounting Expert

Accounting- Auditing Faculty of Ho Chi Minh Economic University has associated with SPC to opened classes of Enterprise Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Chief Accountant for Business people and Administrative Units… . ..

Microsoft Office Expert

Being able to handle office work using computer, printer, fax…Being able to self establish Excel Accounting to manage office and financial work. Building some ….according to the National standard document, diversifying information from organizations, offices, companies, firms with an assistance tool Powerpoint Slide… ..

Hardware Technician & Computer net Manager

 Installing, setting up and maintaining computer system and peripheral devices. Designing, managing partial computer net system (LAN) of medium and small. – Designing and installing LAN net system for companies, schools. – Installing remote accessing system: PC- LAN, LAN-LAN, assisting in managing company dispersions…  ..


Enrollment is a specified column to provide overall information promptly and precisely about enrolling work of SPC through the years, about reference examination information and the latest news of enrollment from Ministry of Education and Training. At this column, you can most promptly, precisely, abundantly and effecitvely search for information about Results for Entrance Examinations to Professional Colleges, Universities or  Colleges (Connecting with University system, Work-Study system and Remote one) and other kinds of reference information such as Input scholarships, vocational guidance and consultancy information…

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