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  • SPC was established in 2008. Through 7 years of establishment and development, SPC is now major in training levels of Professional Vocational College, University, College (Connecting with Work-Study and Remote levels), Advanced Nursing (2+2), International Association, and many other short-term programs, as well as with a diversified system of professions including groups of Health care, Technologies and Economics.


SPC has 7 Faculties: Medical Faculty, Phamaceutics Faculty, Nursing - Midwifery Faculty - Economics Faculty, Technological Faculty, Basic Faculty, International Faculty with diversified training programs including University system, College system (Connecting, work-study and remote system), Professional Vocational system and other international associating programs.

The teaching staff of SPC have graduated from reputable Universities domestically as well as internationally, with a great deal of teaching experiences and high specialist knowledge, with training methodologies combined with modern teaching methods, which focus on developing thinking abilities and professional skills for students.