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Why should you choose Saigon Polytechnic College?


1. Young but trustable:

            Established in 2008, Saigon Polytechnic College is just a young one. However, during only in 7 years, we have built our own brand name and reputation in the Nationally educational system in terms of educational quality, breakthroughs in international association with enterprises and international cooperation in training and providing skillful human resource to cater for social demands


2. Professional teaching staff:

            For the time being, the regular teaching staff is consisted of 71 members, in which 9 are Masters, 8 are Doctors of Specialty II, I and 43 University Graduated Teachers. Most of the teachers who are teaching at SPC have been trained at Domestically Reputable Universities and Institutes. Some of them have been trained overseas, who are major in teaching their right trained professions. Besides their teaching, all the teachers directly consult their students in studying, creating favorable conditions for them to study and solve problems better. Apart from the regular teaching staff, SPC have also contracted with 2 Ph.D professors, 15MAs and 93 University Graduates, who are very enthusiastic, confidential and always willing to support in teaching and imparting knowledge for students. They are also working at companies, enterprises or hospitals…, which is a very important element in intensifying exchanging  their experiences from reality and work to students, helping them updating and catching up with the latest issues from career reality.


3. Diversified system of careers:

            Saigon Polytechnic College is consisted of 9 professional college training branches including: Polyclinical Pharmacists, Polyclinical Nurses, Midwives, Intermediate Pharmacists, Accountants, Marketing, Computer web manager, Website Manager and Designer.


            ĐMore specially in 2014, SPC have completed 4 more new branch codes including: Supermarket Selling and Managing, Kindergarten Teaching, Civil and Industrial Electricity, Civil and Industrial Engineering.


            With this diversified system, our students will have more options for their future career dream.


4. Advanced training programs:

            At Saigon Polytechnic College, the training programs are frequently updated based on career reality through conversations with enterprises and international associations and trainings. 


            In 2014 especially, we have deployed the Advanced Nursing training program 2+2 associated with Adamson and Philippines Universities. Adamson is the 81-year old University with rich experiences in training work with more than 17.000 students attending in 10 member universities, in which Nursing University is one of the prides of Adamson with a lot of outstanding achievements. This association is to assist 2-year Nursing graduates at SPC to have recognitions of Adamson and transferred to Philippines for the next 2 years of Nursing BA Program. This is a very good opportunity for Vietnamese students who are interested in studying this high quality, low cost and promising course to have opportunities to work in International environment.


5. Conneting to Universities, Colleges and attending International Associating Programs:

            Professional College Graduates from SPC are able to continue their studying connecting with University, College  programs at reputable Universities and Colleges. Apart from that, with our intensified international associations in training, students have more opportunities to study at international schools like Charlton Brown (Australia), Adamson (Phillippines)...


6. Modern material base:

            SPC have been well furnished with more than 400 computers serving studying and teaching, neat and spacious theorical classrooms with projectors and wide-screened TV…Modern practising and experimental rooms with full equipment serving studying and researcing of students. A traditional library with almost 2500 book titles of all kinds together with an online library associating with other universities and colleges all over the country is very convenient for seeking and researching information.


7. Attractive regulations and policies:


Right from starting school days at SPC, students are given special school fee offers of paying by installment. All they have to do is to pay the 1st time fee of 1million VND as a school registration fee. In 2014 especially, all students are sponsord 20% for their 1st term fee when registrating their 1st and 2nd turns.


During their studying at SPC, students are offered part time jobs at Domestic companies and Corporations from Japan, Singapore, Korean and Taiwan…who have signed contracts with SPC. Courtesy buses are available to pick up students from dormitories to working places and vice versa. They are also sponsored 1 lunch helping and assured stable high income.

During their studying at SPC, students are supported with credit loan; and temporarily delayed their military service;

Fees paid for IT and Advanced foreign languages in international programs are supported by SPC;

Being exempted – reduced school fees for those of “government supportive policies” and granted scholarships for those with good end-of-term results;
There is a dormitory for boaders.

SPC has scholarship budgets sponsored by enterprises and generous sponsors for students who have good end-of-term results and overcome their difficulties in life.


8. High rates of getting jobs after graduating:


With wide associations with enterprises and companies in the city and neighboring areas, students are introduced part time jobs, which give them good opportunities to collect experiences and improve their skills and to be more able to get a job or easily accepted by enterprises and companies after graduating.

Especially, when associating with human resource providing company Le&Associates (L&A), more and more graduates of all studying branches are assured by L&A as they order training human resource directly from SPC…


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